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Embroidery is perceived as more prestigious, distinctive and sophisticated which helps make you look like a true professional.

Embroidering your logo has the advantage of bringing a depth of dimension to your fabric by using special effects such as thread directions, textures and raised 3D puff embroidery.

You can have multiple colours without adding extra cost.

If you are anticipating repeat orders of the same design then there will not be any additional set-up charges.

Quality machine embroidery thread won’t fade or peel off with heavy and frequent laundering.

The chances are that your garment will wear out before the embroidered image does.

So you have decided on your design and want to know more about the embroidery process.

ZedsThreadz will request that you email  a copy of your best quality image to us so we can,

  • Assess the stitch count and the cost to embroider
  • The level of difficulty
  • Whether it will fit into one of our embroidery hoops on the garment or item to be embroidered
  • How your design will look and sew out onto the chosen fabric as different thread counts and weaves can affect the quality of the design

We will contact you with an assessment of the job and recommend any changes that maybe necessary in achieving the best possible sew out and we will estimate the cost of embroidery and items you may require.

We are happy to embroider your logo or design onto clothing or items you supply, on any items from our online shop or you can request a price on clothing from one of ZedsThreadz trusted Work Wear, Uniform and blank embroidery item suppliers.

Once you have decided to go ahead with your order we can digitize the design with our embroidery software and we can email you a digital copy of how the design will look embroidered in thread.

If we agree to go forward we may do a test run on a piece of stabiliser or we will sandwich your chosen item along with the correct type of embroidery stabiliser in between our two-piece embroidery hoops, our cap hoop or lay on top of a specialized adhesive hoop for sewing on the embroidery machine.

When the machine has completed your item it will be removed from the machine and any stray threads will be trimmed and your garment will be ready for collection or delivery.

Once you have decided on a design your image will need to be digitized with ZedsThreadz embroidery studio’s software, and transformed into a special file type that can be understood by our embroidery machine so that it can know where the needle needs to penetrate the fabric, the stitch density, the stitch type, when and where the colour changes will occur and the speed at which the machine will stitch.

Designs that are less complex will be stitched out at about 650 stitches per minute, but the machine may need to run slower on more complex embroidery designs.

Artwork can be imported into our digitizing software in both vector (.ai or .eps) and bitmap formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .png or .bmp).

Best results are achieved when artwork is supplied with higher resolution images, so it is preferred that the image is to be at least 300dpi and preferably sized at the required embroidery dimensions if possible. Vector graphics such as .ai or .eps files are the best to digitize.

If you are unsure  just submit your clearest picture to us and we will let you know if it is suitable.

Embroidery is a different process than printing, so there are a few things that must be considered if you are expecting an identical sew out.

A typical 40 weight embroidery thread is around 0.4 mm thick and a 75/11 embroidery needle 0.75 mm thick making it difficult to achieve small crisp lettering and fonts, so they need to be at least 6mm high.

Not all fonts are suitable for small lettering, so small letters are best sewn out with specially digitized and designed block embroidery fonts. We may suggest enlarging your design or consider changing your font to achieve a better sew out. Letters with open spaces in the centre of them such as a,b,d,e etc need to have enough room for the fabric underneath to show through the gaps in the letters.

True type fonts used in graphic design are different to embroidery fonts as they have not been digitised using specialist embroidery software. Although our software can handle true type fonts, they have not been manually digitized as embroidery fonts, so ZedsThreadz software has to auto-digitize these fonts meaning they may need extra time spent adjusting them for sewing. We have over eighty embroidery fonts to choose from and sometimes it is easier to adjust these to suit your needs.

There are many variables such as fabric type, thread tension, needle size and type and the correct stabilizer that can affect the quality of the sew out.

Another consideration is how your design will fit into one of our machine embroidery hoops and whether it can be sandwiched onto your garment where you would like your design placed.

It is hard to give an exact quote for pricing without seeing the design, but generally speaking front polo shirt, t-shirts, singlets or hoodies chest logos and or lettering range from approximately $10-$15 and rear logos or embroidery designs are upwards of $15 depending on complexity, stitch density and the stitch count.

Every design or logo will need to be digitized into a file type that our embroidery machine understands.

It is not just a matter of inputting a .jpg, .png or bitmap file like into a printer.

Your picture will be loaded into our embroidery software and time is spent manually digitizing and tracing your image to calculate stitch placements, stitch types, thread densities, colour changes and textures.

Different logo, design sizes and fabrics require different settings, but once the design has been digitized generally it is a one off cost per design. Any recurring or future items that require embroidering will not incur a digitizing fee. You will just pay for the embroidery per item.

Digitizing can range from upwards of $30, however simple text that may not require digitizing may be cheaper.

It is best to submit your image to ZedsThreadz embroidery for more accurate pricing.

  • Aprons
  • Baby Blankets, Bibs and nappy bags.
  • Badges and Patches
  • Beauty Pageant Sashes
  • Book covers and cases
  • Bags, Sports bags, Laptop bags, Handbags and Make-Up bags
  • Caps, Hats and Beanies
  • Car Seat Covers
  • Corporate Uniforms, Workwear and Marketing items
  • Curtains
  • Dance, Gym Wear and Sportswear
  • Golf Towels
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Lab Coats and Medical scrubs
  • Martial Arts Uniforms
  • Pet collars, Leads and Clothing
  • Table clothes, Table mats and Napkins
  • Towels, Flannels, Bed Sheets and Pillowcases
  • Scarfs
  • School uniforms
  • Running Shorts
  • T-shirts, Polo shirts, Singlets, Hoodies, Jumpers, Jackets, Shorts, Trousers and Underwear
  • Umbrellas
  • Wedding Items

ZedsThreadz Embroidery Studio only uses premium products from our trusted suppliers

Can’t find what you have been looking for or have you been looking for a particular work shirt, uniform or sportswear?

We are sure you will find it from one of our clothing wholesalers. Whether it’s a polo shirt, hi-vis wear, corporate wear, dresses, skirts, caps, beanies, bags, umbrella’s or more..

You will find it here..  ZedsThreadz  can embroiderer your logo or special design onto almost anything..



Have a look through our preferred clothing suppliers websites above and contact ZedsThreadz with the link, item number, colour and quantity required and we will get back to you with a quote for the items and embroidery if that is required..

We are slowly adding to our online shop but you can source your clothing from these links otherwise..

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  • Embroidered Workwear

  • Sports teams uniforms

  • Embroidery of Club Emblems

  • Personalised Embroidered Gifts

  • Showcase your business professionally

  • Family Owned & Operated

  • Bring your ideas to life

  • Create your one of a kind masterpiece

  • Catering to customers Australia wide

No Minimum Quantities

Whether your just starting out or your a full scale operation, we are happy to help put your brand or teams logo on the smallest of orders.

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ZedsThreadz Embroidery understand how busy you are, so if we have your item in stock we promise to complete your job quickly.

Quality Materials

We only use premium embroidery threads and quality stabilizers to ensure a durable and long lasting high grade finish.

Logo Set-up Service

ZedsThreadz offers a Inhouse Digitizing Service so we can transform your design or artwork into something our embroidery machine understands.

Premium Suppliers

ZedsThreadz is committed to making sure our embroidered products are smart and professional, so we use only source from premium suppliers.

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When it comes to making a purchase, you want to know it’s safe. That’s why we provide a secure website and use Paypal’s secured gateway.

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